Ladies We Love: Ivy Weinglass of IIIVVVYYY CERAMICS

Ladies We Love: Ivy Weinglass of IIIVVVYYY CERAMICS

There’s nothing we enjoy more than hearing that the clothes we make are being worn and loved by people pursuing their passions.

Every Lykke Wullf piece is designed to be as functional as it is beautiful, as unrestrictive as it is structured. We think this is why so many artists and creatives choose Lykke Wullf for their go-to workwear. There’s nothing like getting your hands a little dirty in the studio while still looking great!

Recently, we caught up with ceramicist Ivy Weinglass in her Brooklyn studio to talk about post-breakup inspiration, morning coffee routines, living life in Lykke Wullf, and taking on new challenges with reckless abandon.

How did you get started in ceramics?
It all started with a break-up, as most stories do! A few years ago I was reeling from one, so sad and lost and confused. I was also at a stage with my prop styling career that I just didn’t know what to do, I wasn’t happy or finding the type of work I wanted. So my parents for my birthday got me a six-week ceramic class to give me something to do. My first class I was so bad and therefore instantly hooked (I can be incredibly competitive with myself). I spend every waking moment at the studio just playing and soaking it all up. 

After that six weeks I got myself a space in the studio and began to work! I had an idea of a piece that I had wanted to make forever: an open palm, like all those beautiful milk glass ones you find when thrifting! I made that, started to sell it at a friend’s store, and it kind of just took off from there. It has been a crazy amount of work, money, odd jobs, second jobs, sanity and passion to get to where I am today with my work.

Do you have any rituals that you use to begin your work day?
Is drinking coffee a ritual?! Ha, but seriously. Last winter when it was so chilly I started a thing where I always have my first cup of coffee in bed. It just seemed too cold to get out of bed just yet! It’s now a year round thing I do. It can be as quick as 10 minutes, or as long as an hour (weekends) where I just lounge in bed with a hot cup of coffee, either reading a good book or watching a documentary. No work, no Instagram (I try and mostly fail at this though to be honest) and I just have this really nice middle ground from waking up to starting my day. 

I also walk to work every single morning. I'm so lucky to be within walking distance of my studio, and that time is so special to me to just get some fresh air and get focused. I sometimes go to the park right next to my studio which is right on the east river. It has a dock that you can walk out on and I get to look at the most epic New York City skyline (and actually see the building I grew up in — Waterside Plaza represent!)

What is it like to create one-of-a-kind pieces? Do you feel an emotional connection to each of them? 
Oh my god yes. Every single piece is made 100% by me which sometimes when I think about is CRAZY. The technique I use for the majority of my work — nerikomi — means that no matter what I do, every single piece will be different and 100% one of a kind. 

I couldn’t even recreate a piece if I tried. I don’t think most people know how much work goes into one piece. I mean I hope they do, but it’s not just physical work but also emotional. Putting something out into the world that you have thought about and toiled over and created with your own mind and hands and opening it up to criticism and different peoples tastes is incredibly emotional — even more so if you get a positive reaction! I get emotional when people love my work, when they’re inspired by it, when they can’t wait to own a piece of it. It means so, so much to me and shows me that all my hard work and tears and anxieties and stress is worth it.

What’s your favorite thing about working in Lykke Wullf?
Is "everything" a good answer?? The Montana Painter Pant is probably the most comfortable Lykke Wullf pants i've ever worn. I move around in the studio a lot — pottery is incredibly physical work. We're always standing and moving and picking up 50-pound boxes of clay. You gotta be comfortable and the Montana pant is cut a little looser so I can move around in it easily. And I always search for clothes I can feel comfortable in but also look cute in! 

I've noticed I just feel better about my self if I put some effort into my clothes rather than just wear whatever can get messy and dirty in the studio. It’s so easy when you work by yourself to just wear leggings and an old sweatshirt. It feels amazing to have an outfit that will look even better WITH clay all over it, but still cute enough I can meet my friends or boyfriend after work for dinner in. That is super important to me these days.

If you could design one piece for Lykke Wullf, what would it be? 

Ooooohhhh. Well, my favorite look in the whole world is a well-fitting but still WILDLY comfortable two piece sweatsuit — a crewneck sweatshirt, perfect sweatpants with elastic at the bottom. Something you can lounge in at home but not feel schlubby in, but also if you had to run to the store, you would look cool as fuck. So yeah, a sweatsuit!

Ivy’s Lykke Wullf Picks

(If I were a cartoon character, this is what I would choose to wear every day) 

(A close second — Giving the denim Ranch Set a run for its money!)
To see more of Ivy's work follow her instagram and visit her website!