Hi, I'm Jemma, and it fills me with joy to share my journey as a designer, style influencer, and entrepreneur. Over the past decade, through the creation and leadership of Lykke Wulff, my cherished venture, I've had the privilege of immersing myself in a world I deeply love and gathering invaluable lessons along the way.
Entering this new chapter I am embracing the ethos of Lykke Wulff—a brand that was rooted in eco-friendly choices and timeless, well-fitting style. Still evolving everyday I continue to draw inspiration from the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles and collaborative ventures shared with my artist fiancé.
With over 15 years of diverse experience, spanning independent ventures and collaborative endeavors, my skill set encompasses a broad spectrum—from design and denim craftsmanship to creative direction, wardrobe styling, and consulting. It's an honor to offer my expertise for hire, prepared to collaborate on projects that resonate with my values.
I can’t wait to connect, collaborate, and bring fresh ideas to life together. Let's create something truly special! 

"Welcome to Jemma Swatek's world, where her unique vision of fashion converges with art and design as a personal passion. With over a decade devoted to eco-friendly fashion and brand curation, Jemma invites you to collaborate on projects that feel authentic and ignite fresh inspiration."

"Jemma makes life changing denim."