Lykke Wulf Lovers: Lauren & Mikey

Lykke Wulf Lovers: Lauren & Mikey

It Girl Lauren Leekley and The Neighborhood's Mikey Margott are Lykke Wullf's current obsession. Not only are they the most adorable couple, but they both wear Lykke Wullf so well! Check out our interview and trip around Echo Park. 


So you guys are the sweetest, prettiest couple around how did you guys meet ?

We met when I was 16 and Lauren was 15. We went to different high schools but met through mutual friends. I remember walking into my best friend, Jeremy's house and saw her for the first time.-M

What drew you two to each other?

Feeling like I met a best friend right away. She was a genuine person that had a loving mind and heart, finding people like her is hard to come by. - M

Mikey is one of the sweetest people anyone could meet so I immediately noticed that and how comfortable I felt around him. I am a lot more hyper and dorky than he is so we definitely balance each other out. - L



First, Who are your style icons and why? And secondly, describe your dream outfit you can't seem to find, what have you guys been searching for?

I love the 60's and 70's, in my opinion that's when fashion started to become a form of self expression like it had never been before. People like Bob Dylan and David Bowie really come to mind and in many ways I like to grab inspiration from them. -M


My friends really inspire me, both guys and girls. Everyone around me has their style dialed in so well. Then I have pictures of icons that stick with me and remind me to take risks and wear what I feel. My forever favorites are probably Jane Birkin and Bianca Jagger. Right now, I am in a serious search for baby pink trousers and a good pair of heeled loafers. - L

 As a musician and his muse you must be constantly getting inspired by music. What has you playlists been looking like lately?

Autolux - Pussy's Dead 

A Tribe Called Quest - We got it from Here...Thank You 4 Your service

Burial - Untrue

Tycho - Epoch-M

Real Love Baby by Father John Misty 

Beach House's Depression Cherry album 

Nights by Frank Ocean 
Got To Give it Up, Pt.1 - Marvin Gaye
U Got It Bad- Usher -L

 We love that you both wear Lykke Wullf. What's your favorite piece from our collection right now?

Definitely the Ranch Jacket for me. I can wear it with every outfit of mine and it pairs perfectly. I have both the Grey Railroad and Indigo Wash. -M


My favorite, most worn piece is the Anita Overalls. They fit like a glove and are such a good color, I can't get enough of em'. - L


Describe an ideal day off together, what would a dream date consist of?

An ideal day off together for me is waking up around 9 and laying in bed for a little bit then going down stairs to make some avocado toast and eggs together while dancing to music. Then we would probably go vintage shopping and walk around. I really like eating lunch in parks so maybe head to a park with some deli sandwiches and people watch. Since this is a dream day, we would have a dog with us cause they make everything better. Then maybe meet up with our friends and just hang. - L



If you could have dinner with any person dead or alive who would it be?

The first person that comes to mind is John Lennon. I would love to hear what he has to say about today's culture and to pick his brain on music. It's a shame that we lost him so young. -M

This is such a hard question. I think I would have to choose my grandfather that passed away a couple years ago. Seeing him again would bring me so much happiness.- L

 So it's almost a new year, you guys are both obviously already killing it but any hopes, dreams or goals you guys are working on for next year ?

I'm in the studio working on music constantly, always pushing to get to the next level artistically. Make a new record, tour off it and then repeat it all. -M


We recently moved into a new place, so I really want to spend time finding cool pieces and art to fill it with. It would also be fun to get creative and make some things for it. -L


Mikey and Lauren wear Lykke Wullf paired with their personal vintage clothing. All shot around Echo Park by Julian Burgueno