Lykke Wullf Babe: Sissy Saint Marie

Lykke Wullf Babe: Sissy Saint Marie

Sissy Saint Marie (if you somehow haven't hear of her yet) is Lykke Wullf's ultimate style icon and a very early supporter of the brand! As a stylist for an amazing list of clients, her personal style has gotten quite the following as well. She embodies the word "chic" and we are so honored to pick at her brain in this Q&A. Take a read so we can all be a little more like Sissy. 


(Sissy Wears the Jungle Print Barbarella Set

What is your morning routine look like getting ready for a typical day? What Products and essentials can you not leave the house without?

-I try to do 30-60 minutes of exercise each morning.  I use  Biologique Recherche's Creme Placenta morning and night and I apply SPF 30 religiously.  My approach to makeup is less is more. Make up mystifies me and I rarely switch up my makeup routine. I use Chanel foundation , Givenchy Mr Light concealer, Glossier lipstick in Leo, Glossier glow stick, rust-colored blush and eyeshadow, a little pencil in my brows, and barley any mascara . Two sprays of Eccentric Molecule before I leave the house. 


Favorite new Personal care product for summer?

 -I don’t have anything in particular I’m pining for but I am curious about jade face rollers and I want to visit the Glossier store that opened recently. I’m curious about their mascara.   


 Old school favorite skin care?

-Spf 30, plenty of of sleep, avoid alcohol and sugar, and nutritious food. I recently tossed my Beauty Blender and started applying makeup with my fingertips. 


If you could treat yourself to a self care/ Spa day what would you do and where would you like to go?

-Spa days are a luxury I fail to treat myself to. I’m a novice and would love recommendations. I was given a Burke Williams gift certificate 20 years ago and would love to go there again . I also have had one of those scrub downs at Wi Spa but it was kind of  torture. I prefer a soothing experience. 

 (Sissy wears the Pink Gingham Cassidy Top)

Ok Let’s talk style, what trend are you dying to try or experiment with for summer? 

-Bike shorts. Big question mark there but I do want to try.


What is your favorite essential summer accessory? Or is there something that’s not out there yet that you want? 

-A cute sandal that’s comfy enough to wear on set all day.


Who is your style icon that’s currently inspiring your summer wardrobe?

-My current style icon is Lady Aberlin from Mr Rogers. But not only her dresses, hair, and earrings - I want to be as kind and compassionate.


What decade are you ready to bring back styles from right now? 

-The 70’s by way of the 90’s will always have a place in my heart.  Major pangs of nostalgia when I see the current Acne SS18 because that’s how I thrifted in high school. When I get styling assignments for 90’s and Y2K I relive emotional pain from those times. It can be therapeutic but honestly any trend past like 1982 can go F itself. I like clothing that reminds me of spending time with my grandmothers as a young child, Holly Hobbie, or my mom’s office attire of the late 70’s. Just give me a defined waist,  midi skirts, tall boots (particularly the Dior FW18 patchwork ones) a kerchief, a wide shoulder and I’m good. I also love a crafty element, some ruffles, a scalloped edge, embroidery, appliqué, and patchwork.  


When do you feel like your figured out your own personal style? How would you describe it?

-I’ve described my style as Minimal/Whimsical which is oxymoronic but covers my spectrum . I pretty much know what I’d wear and how I’d wear it now. For example I would wear overalls with a puff sleeve blouse and pumps. When I  wear them with a t-shirt I add a blazer. I don’t do casual unless I’m going to bed or the gym.

(Sissy wears the Smoke Vinyl Judy Hat and Full Moon Bag)


 Where are your favorite places to look for style Inspiration? 

-This is boring, but Instagram and Pinterest.


What new trend are you NOT buying into?

-Crocs and probably bike shorts. 


You were an early supporter of Lykke Wullf (THANK YOU!), back when I had a cramped bedroom “Studio”, so what first drew you to the brand?

-Ooooh I remember it well ! It was pale blue silk dress with a hand painted eyes 👀 . 


Last but not least what does the Ideal evening look like for you?

-Making dinner for Eddie and I followed by watching some shows on Netflix. Then Going to bed by 10pm feeling like I did my best that day - feeling like I was active, ate healthy, was kind to my body, kind to everyone I encountered, was responsible with money, kept my space tidy and made my clients happy.