Tashaki Miyaki Visits LW HQ

Tashaki Miyaki Visits LW HQ
We were excited to have our friends Paige, Sandi and Luke of Band Tashaki Miyaki come by our studio to play dress up and tell us a little about their new record. We romped around our neighborhood with them- Yay for being fully vaxxed ! Read below for the scoop on one of favorite bands in LA.  
Paige wears the Clover top in Brown Gingham + Cowgirl Jeans, Sandi wears the Rosie Tee in mesh with the June painter pant in light denim, Luke wears the Sierra overalls in honey with the Ranch chore in light wash

Paige likes black coffee, pasta, ice cream and dogs. She meets with a weekly bingo group and loves TV. She can only tolerate the most mild weather and can bake a mean oatmeal cookie. 

Sandi likes one on one time playing her bass in her room, impromptu dance parties (also in her room), classical ballet and talking to trees and animals telepathically. She’s been a bunch of places, done some things, and truly believes that “true love will find you in the end”.
Luke: Takes no prisoners
Left Handed,
smooth as silk
Ruthless Reckless Rebel Renegade.
 Q How long have y'all been making music together? Paige: The band began as a recording project in 2011. Sandi joined in 2014. Sandi: Been playing now with these two best buds for over 6 years *gasps!   Q What is your process like?  How have things changed(if at all) during the last year?   Paige: I write the songs by myself or with Luke and I am always kind of working, but I don't like to push myself when I feel uninspired. Once I have finished songs I bring them to the band and we play around with them. Not much has changed during the past year...since we are only three people and we self produce and record with one other friend, we were able to self quarantine and safely be part of each others pod.
Q Where did you find the inspiration for your new album? (art, film, music, life, etc.) Paige: Our new album is about relationships over time and specifically love. There's a lot of artists that inspire me, probably too many to list but always on my mind are Neil Young, Prince, and John Lennon. Luke: I personally was listening to a lot of old film scores and soundtracks and not as much Rock n Roll stuff when we
were doing Castaway. Death Wish 2 and the Lethal Weapon scores were a big influence.  Q How would you describe your sound?  Slow moody rock n roll.  
Q Any plans for IRL shows this year?  (We've missed live music SO much and can only imagine how much y'all have missed performing)
Paige: We don't have plans yet...we are talking with Sid the Cat about playing a show in LA as soon as things are back so perhaps late August or the fall. I have missed going to shows more than playing to be honest, but I miss playing too. I really look forward to getting to play on a  bill with friends. Sandi: I definitely miss performing live. We’ve been doing some live shows in the digital realm, but it lacks communion with the people. Luke: Hopefully we will do some gigs when the Record comes out. Maybe do the release party on a barge, out in the ocean
or something. Or on an Aircraft Carrier like that one Lenny Kravitz video. Paige wears the Rosie T in rib & Painter pant in cream canvas , Sandi wears the Bustier in cream & Painter in cream canvas , Luke wears the Sierra overall in cream canvas Paige wears the Leisure shirt and short in countryside linen , Sandi wears the Clem top and Sierra overall , Luke wears the Ranch chore jacket & June painter pant in light denim.  Q Films/Music/Cultural stuff you're loving recently? Paige: I have been reading bell hooks for the first time and it's been life changing. Also been reading lots of Murakami over the pandemic. I've watched every single TV show. Outlander, Parks and Recreation, and Schitts Creek are favorites. I recently  bought a record of John Cage's Sonatas and interludes for prepared piano and I love it. Sandi: King Crimson’s track “Stargazer” and Pink Floyd’s “Live at Pompeii” (director’s cut of course!), the art of Niki de Saint Phalle and Yoko Ono’s “Cut piece”, ‘Fishing with John’ in anticipation of ‘Painting with John’ Luke: Rambo, Death Wish, Kickboxer, Tombstone, Runaway Bride . I like the real stuff.  
  Q- What LW pieces are you loving right now?