Summer in the City!

Summer in the City!
With the season at its most feverish pitch, we asked a handful of our favorite city girls to put Lykke Wullf summer staples to the test in the bustle and grime of NYC. It’s hard out there (so so sweaty) but we think our lightweight fabrics and effortless silhouettes make these sweltering months a little easier. 

Alexis Badiyi, Ruby Redstone, Alyssa Coscarelli, and Elizabeth Tamkin rolled the Kayla Blouse, Juniper Short, Fig Dress, and Safari Hat into their heat wave lineups. Take some cues from these babes to make the rest of July and August as cute and comfy as possible. Plus, they let us in on their seasonal dressing considerations and inspirations. 

Alexis Badiyi
stylist + creative
When the summer heat first cracks, what are you most excited to wear? What are you most excited to do?
As much as I adore fall fashion, once the summer heat cracks I can’t wait to jump into a pair of bike shorts, sandals and a short dress. One of my most favorite summer pastimes is to visit my grandmother on the North Fork and spend endless days swimming in the bay and laying in the sand.  

What summer style icons are you looking to for inspiration?
Ali Macgraw, early 90s Penelope cruz, Carolyn Bessette, Helmut Newton (his work and also his personal style). 

Ruby Redstone
writer, stylist + art historian
How does living in the city affect what you choose to wear during the summer and what you avoid?
I look for any excuse to forgo pants, so I often find myself walking around in a leotard or a glorified pair of bloomers.  It allows me to run around all day without overheating, though I do often get a lot of looks on the subway. I try to be more practical with my footwear choices because high heat means big blisters, but I would rate my actual success with this as quite low.  I’m too easily tempted by fur, big buckles, and patent leathers.

What summer trend would you never wear yourself? Which one are you especially into?
I wrote about this recently on Man Repeller; I have the utmost respect for anyone who can wear a simple backless sundress, strappy sandals, and not a hint of jewelry.  I’m way too much of a maximalist. Anytime I try to do this, I end up bored, pining for my hair clips and ruffles.

I love tie dye.  I am so happy to see it all around this summer, but I do prefer to make it myself!  I am typing this with hands stained hot pink from two weekends of non-stop tie dyeing.

Alyssa Coscarelli 
writer, editor + consultant
Alyssa in the Fig Dress - Black Linen and Rosemary Bag 
What do you never leave the house without during the sweltering season? 
I try not to leave without my refillable water bottle, so I don’t have to end up stopping for a bottle and contributing further to our plastic crisis.

How does living in the city affect what you choose to wear during the summer and what you avoid?
Just out here trying not to melt into a puddle. I’ve also started biking around so that’s probably made my outfits skew slightly more practical than they typically would. I try to avoid anything too fussy, in general.

Elizabeth Tamkin
Market Strategist at Man Repeller
Elizabeth in the Fig Dress - Cow Print and Safari Hat
What do you never leave the house without during the sweltering season? 
High waist non-wedgie cotton underwear! I also wear sunglasses with my handy dandy sunglass chain. It would be fun to only wear those 2 items. Will report back.

How would you describe your personal summer style?
I have so much fun. Especially this summer because I have acquired some amazing vintage and contemporary staples that make me feel really good in my own body. This is something I have not always felt and which I’ve struggled with in the past, especially in the summer when more skin shows. 

I like to dress kind of theatrical, like wearing a full single print or monochrome. I enjoy playing with silhouettes too, like wearing men’s billowy slightly flared out boxing shorts with a teeny tube top or scarf-as-top. I like to feel like I can stop drop and wiggle for the camera (in my selfie mirror…) at any moment.