Jemma Swatek is an award-winning, extremely passionate fashion designer, company founder and style influencer. She has been a trend expert as a fashion devotee over the past 15 years, boasting private label and production accolades worldwide. Jemma refers to herself as an interdisciplinary designer, innovative creative director, artist & forward-thinking entrepreneur. 

She launched the cult classic brand Lykke Wullf as an answer to her very own closet, rooted in eco-friendly choices that offer her taste-making style to her fans. Based in Los Angeles she finds great joy and inspiration in art, nature, and by collaborating with her artist fiancé. 

Jemma’s portfolio includes a wide range of skills like clothing design for her label Lykke Wullf, as well as photoshoot production, wardrobe styling, branding, posters & prints, merchandising, and film photography.

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