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Hi, welcome!
I'm Jemma, the former creative and founder of Lykke Wullf. I'm thrilled to invite you on my new journey. Welcome to my ever-evolving world, where you'll find my new eponymous label Jem!, exciting opportunities to work with me, and a peek into my portfolio. This website is my way of sharing new projects, inspirations, and all the creative ventures I'm passionate about in one place.
With two decades of experience in the fashion and design world, I'm excited to now offer my skills for hire. I can’t wait to connect, collaborate, and bring fresh ideas to life together! 
Inspired by the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles and the collaborative spirit I share with my artist fiancé and others, I'm excited for the future.
Thank you for joining me on this adventure!


- Cathy

Welcome to Jemma Swatek's world, where her unique vision of fashion converges with art and design as a personal passion. With over a decade devoted to eco-friendly fashion and brand curation, Jemma invites you to collaborate on projects that feel authentic and ignite fresh inspiration.