The Quarantine Journals: Courtney Coll in Venice, California

The Quarantine Journals: Courtney Coll in Venice, California

For this weeks Quarantine Journal, we talk to model and plant person, Courtney Coll.  Currently living in Venice and growing an incredible edible and medicinal garden, we chat about her new company and what keeps her happy during quarantine. 

Courtney Coll in Venice, California

-How do you find solstice in times of uncertainty?

Gardening, its really amazing how plants can teach you a mediation or home to be patient and present! I love the fact I am able to fully dive into the plant world 

-What simple things are you enjoying currently?

Waking up and taking the morning slow- checking into the garden and reading. I love the pace of being able to take the morning slow to set the rest of the day.

-What does your creative process look like?  How has it changed/evolved over the years?  

I stated a brand called Potions N` Motions during these uncertain times which has really helped me get into a creative state! I am collaborating with different herbalists and artist on projects and getting the minds thinking!! 


Courtney wears the Kate Tee and Ranch Pant in Denim 

-Where did you grow up and how has it shaped you?

Chicago, I loved growing up there because it taught me how to really dive into who I am and just be real with myself. 

-Who are some of your current favorite artists/writers/makers/people that inspired you?  

MAN SOOO MANY!!! I am currently inspired by so many people, so proud of all the small business to keep pushing and figuring out ways to stay in business. 

-Comfort comes in many forms for us -and especially in food.  What are your favorite comfort food/drink and would you mind sharing your recipe?

I have been making a lot of cookies- Big Reds Cookie is my favorite,  I love baking so I have really been diving into that world!!!!

-Current projects you are working on?

Potions N’ Motions MERCH- coming soon!

-Favorite mediums for creating?

Plants- making planet medicine has been my creation :)

-Currently: reading, watching, eating, doing?

Currently reading- Yoga for Herbs 

-How has the current climate changed your perspective (if at all)? 

Man I am soooo lucky for sunshine! I think more positively when the sun is shinning all day.

-Other thoughts you'd like to share


To learn more about Courtney and Poitions N' Motions visit her Instagram & website!