The Quarantine Journals: Lillie Radziminsky & Miguel Pasión

The Quarantine Journals: Lillie Radziminsky & Miguel Pasión

 In our fourth installment of The Quarantine Journals, we asked our friend Lillie Radziminsky, model, actress, and student, what she's been up to in Los Angeles while quarantining with her boyfriend, Miguel.  Let’s take a look ! 

Lillie & Miguel in Los Angeles, California

  My name is Lillie Radziminsky (18) and I am from California, attending college in NYC, majoring in Acting. I met my boyfriend Miguel at Central Park through a mutual friend. The second I saw him I knew I was his. We met in mid September 2019 and have been together ever since. Miguel (20) grew up in Venezuela but eventually found his way to NYC as well, where we found each other.


Lillie wears the Kate Tee and Sulphur Ranch Pants


How do you find solace in times of uncertainty?

This has been a big struggle of mine for the past year. I feel like so much of 2020 has been unstable and uncertain for myself (and many others). I rely on staying busy and human interaction, so quarantine has been an interesting transition. As an anxious person, Change has always been a scary thing. I’ve learned to take small steps, and not over analyze everything. I always have to remind myself, most things are temporary!



What simple things are you enjoying currently?

Music!! I’ve been listening to records a lot, and playing piano again.



Who are some of your current favorite artists/writers/makers/people that inspired you?  

Liza Minnelli has always been a women I’ve admired and adored. Her performance in the film Cabaret and her Liza with a Z album are very close to my heart.
I’ve been enjoying the paintings of German painter Michael Sowa lately. He often portrays animals in a surreal and unique manner.


Lillie wear the Ranch Set in Cream 


Currently: reading, watching?

I’m rereading The mastery of love by Don Miguel Ruiz. This book discusses the topic of friendships, romantic relationships and most important, self love.
I’m watching the tv series Big Little Lies and I am obsessed with the casting and storyline. Also rewatching lots of American horror story.


Miguel wears the El Capitan Pant in Midnight

Thank you to Lillie and Miguel for being a part of our journal series! You can keep up with Lillie by following her on instagram