Jemma’s creative story starts at an early age, her imagination was sparked by learning to sew in elementary school. While traveling around Europe with her Danish mother she was inspired by the women she saw and their effortless style, as well as being drawn to textiles she saw around her. She loved being immersed in a landscape that elevated the art of the simple craft, this early love of textiles and designs left a lasting impression. 

Born in England to a Danish mother and American Air Force father she moved around a bit. After relocating to the US she received a full scholarship to the Academy of Art University in San Francisco thanks to their observation of her innate artistic skill. Jemma earned a BFA in Fashion Design there with a focus on knitwear. 

After college Jemma founded her first brand Lykke Wullf in Los Angeles where she currently resides. It was created as a response to the market's need for accessible, high-quality classic wardrobe staples & her love of kitchy artful pieces inspired by americana, the wild west, nature and her travels. As the Creative Director & Designer at Lykke Wullf she honed her skills and was able to build a brand she was proud of, always keeping in mind her commitment to sustainability and local community.  Jemma's passion for well fitting bottoms & denim garnered her a cult following.

As Lykke Wullf gracefully closed its doors in 2023, Jemma is embarking on an exciting new journey. Moving forward she is excited to share her talents in new ways lending her experience in business and design in a freelance capacity. With two decades of experience she is enthused to now be able to contribute her skills to consult for others. 

The newest addition to her journey is launching Jem! an eponymous specialty label. Doubling down on her dedication to handmade, handcrafted, small-batch production, Jemma envisions these clothes as cherished pieces meant to create lasting memories. Doing things in a new way Jemma plans to have occasional seasonal drops and also offers made to order options. While maintaining boundaries and taking breaks between collections to keep things as sustainable as possible for both herself and the planet. She hopes that people will feel how special these pieces are and know the care that went into making them. 

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