As a dedicated small business owner, creative director, founder, and designer, I am thrilled to leverage my skills and leadership for the benefit of my clients. With two decades of experience in the design and fashion industry, I offer a diverse range of services tailored to meet your unique needs. I believe in taking a holistic approach to every project, developing custom plans that maximize value for my clients. Explore the à la carte services I offer below, schedule a consultation via my Calendar, and discover more about my new design studio, The Good Job Studios, at the bottom. I am genuinely excited to collaborate with you and bring your unique vision to life!

Small Business Consulting

I have 10+ years of running my own business and learning so much along the way as well as another decade of working for some really great boutiques and small businesses plus corporate experience all of which has left me with a lot of resources and knowledge that I would love to share. I feel passionately about helping small bussiness's thrive.

Creative Consulting & Art Direction

There is nothing I love more than researching, creating and bringing creative visions to life.

Design Consulting | Fashion + Home

With years of experience in fabrics, color, design & merchandising, I am bursting with ideas.

Wardrobe Styling 

I have lots of experience with styling my own brand, as well as working on sets for clients like GAP inc and doing wardrobe for TV. I love working with a team on set.

Trend Analysis & Research 

I have put together projects for myself as well as brands like Urban Outfitters and I love to do it!

Photoshoot Production 

Here to take the work out of planning and put the ideas, places and people together.

+All things related to this. Reach out. Let's chat! 

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