The Quarantine Journals: Elizabeth Hohimer in Marfa, Texas

The Quarantine Journals: Elizabeth Hohimer in Marfa, Texas

  As time at home increases and the importance of friendship, community and communication increase; we bring you a new series of journals.  The Quarantine Journals explores life now; with friends, artists and humans we at Lykke Wullf admire.  With each story, we hope to spread a little joy and inspiration.  Love Always xx


Elizabeth Hohimer in Marfa, Texas

Elizabeth at home, pictured in the Cream Canvas Ranch Set


  In the first installation of The Quarantine Journals, we talk to long-time friend and artist, Elizabeth Hohimer.  Originally from the Hill Country in Texas, Elizabeth now resides further west in the notorious art community of Marfa.  There she primarily focuses on textile art; from woven paintings that are dyed with clays gathered from road trips throughout the Southwest to elaborate and highly personal textiles and garments. Her home and studio are one in the same, in her words "i don't really have a divide between my practice and my life" and with regards to her desert surroundings "...the work I've been making for a few years are notions of feelings from the desert lands.  Equivalences of sorts."  It is evident through her work the deep connection she has to nature and her eye for the beauty of sometimes unnoticed landscapes. 


Elizabeth's hand-woven paintings shown in Santa Fe, New Mexico


  Elizabeth candidly admits that her routine hasn't changed much in the recent days-being an artist, she often "...choose(s) to self isolate as a lifestyle...but when it is not chosen, the whole notion feels entirely different."  Finding solstice in times of uncertainty has been on our mind a lot lately.  When we asked Elizabeth she said, "For me, solstice is coming from small acts these days.  Letting go of the desire to check off goals has been important for me.  Moving slow mostly."  And we couldn't agree more.  We find ourselves picking up our favorite books, records, and taking time to prepare nourishing meals -giving ourselves a general pass for slowness. For Elizabeth, the act of weaving and practicing her art is also very therapeutic, "...the time I sit in that space is something very dear to me and my soul..."  In days like these she sways between her daily yoga practice and and very loud music, "...louder and faster seems to help the most."

currently reading

Elizabeth's stack of current reading material 


When thinking of comfort, our brains almost immediately jump to comfort food.  For Elizabeth, she says "I've been eating pancakes with different fruits for breakfast, lunch or dinner -because time doesn't matter and we can make our own rules!"  We couldn't agree more.   Recently, Elizabeth has been using her favorite Swedish Pancake mix and adds rose water, bananas, and coconut oil to make it a bit more special.  



Elizabeth in her kitchen wearing the Cream Ranch Jacket


A huge thank you to Elizabeth to letting us peek into her home and life.  We hope y'all are finding bits of joy in your own lives and doing whatever feels right and best for you.  Sending love and lots of hugs xx


To learn more about Elizabeth and her artwork, check out her website and instagram.