The Quarantine Journals: Lily Yeung in Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Quarantine Journals: Lily Yeung in Albuquerque, New Mexico

   Welcome to Volume 3 of The Quarantine Journals!  This week we got to catch up with our friend (and occasional LW model) Lily Yeung.  Lily, who we met in Los Angeles in now spending her days in New Mexico to be closer to family and nature -creating, reading and staying active by helping the Indigenous Impact Rapid Response Initiative.  Read the full interview below.


Lily Yeung in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Lily wearing the Cowgirl Dress in Natural 


-How do you find solace in times of uncertainty?

LY: Staying busy by making things and helping others have helped me to keep positive. Also staying in touch with friends either through facetiming or by exchanging little love letters and playlists has helped me to feel supported and loved in this time when we’re spending so much time apart.


-What simple things are you enjoying currently?

LY: Lately I’ve really been enjoying going on walks in nature, cooking, reading, watching a beautiful film, and spending time with my boyfriend and my mom.



-What does your creative process look like?  How has it changed/evolved over the years?  

LY: My process is often very intuitive, stemming from my personal experiences, It’s changed over the years as I’ve been exposed to new inspiration and people that have influenced me, but it’s still simply a reflection of my current state at that time.


-Who are some of your current favorite artists/writers/makers/people that inspired you?  

LY: Hilma Af Klint, Ruth Asawa, Louise Bourgeois, Lenore Tawney, and Claire Zeisler have all been really inspiring for me.



Lily in the Bubblegum Ranch Jacket and  Safari Hat


-Comfort comes in many forms for us -and especially in food.  What are your favorite comfort food/drink and would you mind sharing your recipe?

LY: My favorite comfort food has been a beautiful brothy soup, Ive been getting fresh produce every week and letting the ingredients inspire what I’m going to make. Soup is like medicine! My favorite soup I’ve made recently was a simple chicken soup with 2 big pieces of fresh ginger, lots of garlic, bone-in chicken, carrots, fennel, and lots of onion. It was the most beautiful golden color and I ended up pairing it with some fresh bread I made in a dutch oven! It was so lovely.


-Current projects you are working on?

LY: Currently working to help my mom @orendatribe on the Indigenous Impact Rapid Response Initiative, planning photoshoots for auction items, and helping with organizing mask production. I’ve also started on a new weaving project on a custom loom my friend made me which has been very meditative.


-Favorite mediums for creating?

LY: Food, Fiber, and Dance



Lily wearing LW Tie Dye Socks


-Currently: reading, watching?

LY: I’m currently reading The Unbearable Lightness of Being which so far I’m really enjoying. Also have been making my way through the Criterion Channel collection, some of my favorites have been: Hausu, Himiko, The Color of Pomegranates, Safe, and Chungking Express.




To learn more about Lily, check out her website and instagram and to learn more about the Indigenous Impact Rapid Response Initiative visit their website.