Wiissa X Lykke Wullf

Wiissa X Lykke Wullf


A few weeks ago we took a trip down to Malibu to hang with model/musician babe Kayslee Collins and the photography duo Wiissa. Wiissa, if you somehow have never came across their work, is the film photography collaboration of Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe. They met in high school, fell in love, and have been shooting film together ever since. Check out our collaboration and read more about them below.

It's beautiful that you guys mesh both in a romantic and creative way, Can you guys explain how you met and what made you start working together? 

We met at 14 and 15 years old and developed this passion for photography and film together over the years. We were a bit creative growing up, but when we met, we started taking photos of each other for fun, then expanding to our friends, and eventually into commercial shoots. We basically grew up together so we have the same taste and sources of inspiration — we went through those magical teen years where you discover all of your favorite movies and music together, so we’re completely on the same page creatively.

(Kayslee wears the Ranch Pant in indigo wash denim paired with vintage tee)

 All of our favorite shoots have been film shoots, they're so raw and beautiful. What made you guys stick to film? 

 Vanessa: We started shooting film when Wilson got me a film camera for my 16th birthday and we never turned back. We just love the quality of it, digital just can’t replicate it.

(Kayslee wears the white ruffle tie top and ruffle pants)

Besides each other, who are your creative muses? 

Hmm it’s constantly changing — a lot of our shoots’ concepts revolve around the model and the type of character/theme we envision her in. But there are also so many iconic women we look up to — most recently Selena Quintanilla, Lola Leon (Madonna’s daughter), Penelope Cruz, Brazilian actress Laura Neiva, and always Pamela Des Barres.

(Kayslee wears the white ruffle tie top and ruffle pants)

When we shot together you were just about to move back to Miami, how are you liking it so far? Do you find yourself more inspired in a new environment? 

 Yes we just moved a couple weeks ago! We’re originally from here so it’s nice to be back here as our base. We were just in LA again last week and are heading out to Europe in a couple weeks, but it’ll always be so nice to come home to the beach. It’s easy to leave from and so nice to come home too. We’re beach babies, so it’s been great to be right on the ocean. We also barely shot in NYC when we were living there, so it’ll be nice to live somewhere we’re actually inspired to shoot in! 

 (Kayslee wears the Annie Bikini and Tommy Top)

How would you describe your work's artistic aesthetic?

 Colorful and natural.

(Kayslee wears the Square Neck Top and striped navy Jesse Pants)

 Who would be your dream client to shoot?
 We have a million haha, we talk about a new one everyday! But currently… Phoenix — we’re in love with their new album “Ti Amo”.

(Kayslee wears the Fibi Jumpsuit in Indigo Wash Denim)

Describe your ideal dream day off? 

Spending the entire day at the beach, body surfing waves.  

(Kayslee wears the navy Bianca Top and white Fonda Jeans)

What songs have you found yourself listening too lately while your editing photos? 

 Well, Phoenix’s new album hahaha! But also “Late Bloomers” by The Growlers, “Titán” by Buscabulla, lots of Ace of Base, “Sole, Mare, Cielo, Amore” by France Gall, “Para Agredecer” by Chicano Batman, and “Você” by Tim Maia. 

(Kayslee wears the Fibi Jumpsuit in Indigo Wash Denim)

Dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be?

We started going through some ideas of people, but dinner with anyone you’re a big fan of could potentially be really awkward. You’d wanna pick their brain but I doubt most people would want to be asked so many questions over dinner!! So our final answer is Mr. Bean (as the character though, not as the actor). 

(Kayslee wears the Ranch Jacket in Indigo Wash Denim paired with a vintage tee)

And last, we ask a lot of people and it may seem narcissistic but it's so interesting to hear! We were so excited when you reached out to us and we want to know what drew you to Lykke Wullf? 

 We just love simple clothing with good cuts and nice details (like zipper rings!). We’ve been following each other for a while, love all of your colors and shapes, and knew it’d be a great collaboration! 

 (Kayslee wears the Ranch Jacket and Ranch Pants in Indigo Wash Denim)


All photos by Wiissa, Hair & Makeup by Fran O'Conner, Styling by Janae Kennedy